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核心提示:据欧盟YB88手机app下载8安全局(EFSA)消息,欧盟YB88手机app下载8添加剂和调味剂小组( FAF )重新评估了苯甲醇(Benzyl Alcohol) (E 1519)作为YB88手机app下载8添加剂的安全性。
  YB88手机app下载8伙伴网讯  据欧盟YB88手机app下载8安全局EFSA)消息,欧盟YB88手机app下载8添加剂调味剂小组( FAF )重新评估了苯甲醇(Benzyl Alcohol) (E 1519)作为YB88手机app下载8添加剂的安全性。
  据了解,对所有人群来说,苯甲醇的每日容许摄入量为4 mg/kg体重。专家小组发现监管最高水平暴露评估情景中的暴露低于规定的每日容许摄入量。经过评估,专家小组认为在规定的用途和使用水平下,苯甲醇作为YB88手机app下载8添加剂不存在安全问题。
  The Panel on Food Additives and Flavourings (FAF) provided a scientific opinion re‐evaluating the safety of benzyl alcohol (E 1519) when used as a food additive. The Panel considered that adequate exposure and toxicity data were available. Benzyl alcohol (E 1519) is authorised as a food additive in the EU in accordance with Annex III to Regulation (EC) No 1333/2008. The Panel considered benzyl alcohol of low acute toxicity with no concern with respect to genotoxicity and carcinogenicity and established an acceptable daily intake (ADI) of 4 mg/kg body weight (bw) per day based on a no observable adverse effect level (NOAEL) of 400 mg/kg bw per day from the carcinogenicity study in rats. The mean and high exposure estimates in the refined exposure scenarios were maximally 0.27 and 0.81 mg/kg bw per day in toddlers, respectively. The exposure estimates to benzyl alcohol (E 1519) were below the ADI of 4 mg/kg bw per day in all population groups. The Panel noted that also the exposure in the regulatory maximum level exposure assessment scenario is below the ADI in all population groups. The Panel concluded that the exposure to benzyl alcohol (E 1519) does not raise a safety concern at the reported uses and use levels.
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